Atomic Battle

Beware! The Unknowns have escaped from their prison!
Atomic World is under attack!

Phase 2 - In-game Mining now available!

online rpg card game & collection

Atomic Battle is an online RPG card game and collection, based on the WAX Blockchain, with cards as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).
You can upgrade your characters, making them rarer and more powerful in the game!

You can purchase the cards in the Official, Limited Drops or at AtomicHub's Market in the meantime.
Also, earn exclusive cards through several contents and events, held for card owners and game players.

The battle for Atomic World has begun!

Character Cards

All Warriors must join to fight off the invading Unknowns!

Five Warriors will defend Atomic World, and five Unknowns will try and dominate it:

Celas, a Mage with fire manipulation skills

Madrus, an Elemental with venom control abilities

Mirya, an Elemental with electricity manipulation skills

Zaviar, an Archanist with Telekinetic abilities

Dranaka, a Mage Warrior with water superpowers

Khagra, an Unknown with death breath power

Dakk, an Unknown with summoning skills

Krotig, an Unknown that casts heat waves

Snegir, an Unknown with light controlling abilities

Vithilias, an Unknown with power compression skills

Celas  Madrus  Mirya  Zaviar  Dranaka   |   Khagra  Dakk  Krotig  Snegir  Vithilias

Upgrade Cards

All current character upgrade recipes are shown below:

Starting Card # of Upgrade Cards required Level 2 Card # of Upgrade Cards required Level 3 Card
Strength Intelligence Dexterity Wisdom Strength Intelligence Dexterity Wisdom
Celas lvl 13223Celas lvl 23433Celas lvl 3
Mirya lvl 13232Mirya lvl 22434Mirya lvl 3
Madrus lvl 14213Madrus lvl 22443Madrus lvl 3
Zaviar lvl 11333Zaviar lvl 24324Zaviar lvl 3
Khagra lvl 12332Khagra lvl 22434Khagra lvl 3
Dakk lvl 12323Dakk lvl 22434Dakk lvl 3
Dranaka lvl 13223Dranaka lvl 22434Dranaka lvl 3
Krotig lvl 12233Krotig lvl 22344Krotig lvl 3
Snegir lvl 12233Snegir lvl 23343Snegir lvl 3
Vithilias lvl 13232Vithilias lvl 23334Vithilias lvl 3

Click here for the recipe example

Upgrade your characters like in the example below:



Click here for all the upgrade recipes

Superpower Cards

Superpower Cards grant additional skill points and unlock new abilities for your character

Each character has a best-fitting superpower that grants additional bonus.

Battle Cards

Battle Cards grant additional skill points and allow you to have an edge in battles

Available in rarities: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare.


Sep 10, 2021
Q4, 2021
Q2, 2022
Q3, 2022
Q4, 2022
Q1, 2023
Preparation - Drop
Drop for Character, Upgrade, Superpower and Battle Cards and Player's Badge
Phase 1 - Game Launch
Training mode with interactive battles
Phase 2 - Mining and exploration
Mine and find exclusive NFTs
Phase 2 - Companions
Companion cards, granting additional power and skills
Phase 3 - Lands and tournaments
Land cards grant control over a territory and the ability to create teams for tournaments
Phase 3 - Battle for Atomic World
Warriors and Unknowns will fight for Atomic World in an all-out war

Character Cards

Superpower Cards

Battle Cards

Upgrade Cards